Mission Statement & Investment Philosophy

Mission Statement

We are committed to:

Providing the highest quality service, advice and concern, tailored to the individual needs and requests of each client;

Providing each client with the appropriate amount of guidance to help demystify the investment process;

Remaining objective in our recommendations at all times;

Creating lasting relationships with each of our clients and their families, built on a foundation of trust and satisfaction;

Delivering services, ideas, products and investment advice designed to help clients achieve financial success.

Investment Philosophy Statement

Our objective is to assist in generating competitive rates of return, while helping manage the downside risk of your portfolio. Our investment philosophy is based first and foremost on an overall assessment of the level of risk in both the stock and bond markets. We then evaluate the various sectors in each of these markets. Using multiple sources and technical analysis*, we determine how fully we should be invested and what areas of the market look attractive. Actual investments chosen will be individual stocks and bonds, listed index funds, no-load mutual funds or some combination of these. We utilize research from various sources to develop potential stock and bond investments suited to your long and short term investment objectives. All investment selections are then screened against our technical criteria in order to create the recommended portfolio.

Individual stock purchases are generally limited to 5% of the total value of the account. Exchange Traded Funds, mutual funds, and individual bond purchases are generally limited to 20% of the account value. In general, no more than 30% will be invested, at market value, in any one of the eleven S & P Industry macro-sectors. However, we may increase or decrease these percentages in the account should we deem it beneficial to the overall portfolio.

Once an investment is selected, it is continuously monitored using our technical resources. A variety of factors may cause us to recommend selling a position. Such factors may include deterioration of the technical position of an investment, deterioration of the technical position of the investment's sector, deterioration of the overall market, reaching a stop loss point, taking a partial profit, and/or reaching a profit target.

We also employ certain hedging techniques when applicable. These techniques are used to help offset downward movement in the markets when the indicators tell us that risk is high.

In addition to the customary account statements and year end 1099 tax statements from National Financial, we provide written, comprehensive performance evaluations on a quarterly basis.

*Technical analysis is based on the study of historical price movements and past trend patterns. There is no assurance that these movements or trends can or will be duplicated in the future.

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